the specific features of the location
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the specific features of the location

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The Location

An Airport Terminal for your Event

Der amadeus terminal 2 in Salzburg: Europas erster Flughafenterminal als...

Rental Fees

Rental Fees an More

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht unserer Tarife für Ihre Veranstaltung im amadeus...


01. Dec

Christmas Parties 2016

Christmas Parties 2016

18. Oct

Hollu-Lohberger Night 2016

Impressions of the hollu-Lohberger night 2016 Foto credit: hollu Systemhygiene

03. Sep

BAT British American Tobacco Award

BAT British American Tobacco 2016

25. Jun

Florist Apprentice Competiton 2016

Florist Apprentice Competition 2016

13. Jun

Children's Festival 2016

Children's Festival 2016

09. Jun

Anniversary 90 years Salzburg Airport

The airport family celebrates 90 years of operation

16. Apr

Gala Hagleitner Hygiene 2016

Gala Hagleitner Hygiene 2016

13. Apr

Aebi Schmidt Presentation

Aebi Schmidt Presentation 2016

07. Apr

Leonidas Sportgala 2016

Leonidas Sportgala 2016 | photo credit © SN

the art of landing a very special event

Just as every pilot checks his aircraft before taking off, you can also subject your event to a comprehensive check.

You will be certain of success with the individual checks on this web site! Get ready for take off for the amadeus terminal 2 at Salzburg Airport and to land a very special event.
Take off now!