Rental fees
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Rental fees

rental fees and more

Here you'll find our rental fees for rooms and equipment.

The tariffs (Euro) exclude 20% VAT and include following services:

  • Standard lightening
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Sewage fee
  • Sound engineering incl. 2 radio microphones
  • Projection screens
  • Single cleaning before assembly

Should the rental period exceed 12 hours, 1/12 of the rent for 12 hours will be charged per commenced hour. Additional services are charged separately.

50% of the day rate will be charged for assembly day, dismounting day and rehearsals.

Rental Fees for Rooms and Equipment

Entire terminal3000 m²per day8,500
Semi terminal1500 m²per day5,000
Tables152 x 76 cmper piece11
Bar tables80 x 110 cmper piece8
Chairs per piece3.50
Artist wardrobe60 m²per day100
Storage room100 m²per day80

Technical Equipment

CYM color changerdimmer, 1800 W, Studio City Color, CYM color mixer, DMX control80 p. day
RGB lightning18x3 dimming neon tubes, RGB 0-100%, DMX control80 p. day
Moving Heads (2)60 W LED incl. color mixing system, DMX control, type Showtec Indigo 4500100 p. day
Beamer (2)Barco RLM-W12, 12000 ANSI Lumen, XGA, contrast 1700:1, installed1,000 p. day/piece
Beamer (2)Sanyo PLC XF41, 7700 ANSI Lumen, XGA, contrast 800:1200 p. day/piece
Stage32 m2 Nivtec600 p. day/piece
Mobile media containerincl. SVHS recorder, DVD Player150 p. day/piece