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Salzburg Airport has its own motorway connection. It is located centrally on the North-South (DE, IT) and East-West (HU, CZ, DE, CH) motorway junction. The airport is 4 km from the German border, and 4 km from the city centre.

Arrival on the A1 Westautobahn:

  1. Exit "Flughafen"
  2. Further to the "AirportCenter / Flughafen" junction
  3. Straight ahead over the junction
  4. Turn left to the parking spaces and garage

Arrival from Salzburg city centre:

  1. Neutor
  2. Maxglaner Hauptstraße
  3. Innsbrucker Bundesstraße to Salzburg Airport

Arrival from the direction of Bad Reichenhall:

  1. Cross the border from Germany at "Kleiner Walserberg"
  2. Bundesstraße (main road) 1
  3. Innsbrucker Bundesstraße to Salzburg Airport

Vignette-free approach from the direction of Freilassing:

  1. Freilassing border crossing
  2. Münchner Bundesstraße
  3. Turn right into the Rudolf-Biebl-Straße (B1)
  4. Turn right at the General Hospital (Landeskrankenhaus) junction
  5. into the Innsbrucker Bundesstraße and on to the airport

Vignette-free approach from Burghausen, Passau, Laufen:

B156 - Oberndorfer Straße-Itzlinger Hauptstraße and turn right into the Raiffeisenstraße-Schillerstraße then turn right into the Andreas-Hofer-Straße-Plainstraße and right into the Jahnstraße – then left into the Haunspergstraße (B1) – then turn right into the St.-Julien-Straße – and then left into the Rudolf-Biebl-Straße (B1) – then turn right at the General Hospital (Landeskrankenhaus) junction (“Flughafen” sign) – and turn left into the Loigerstraße at the Airportcenter junction – follow the airport signs to the parking areas.
3.800 parking places are available at Salzburg Airport, of which 1,921 in the parking garage.